Empty Nester

Based on a real interview, filmed in the home that she is speaking about. Filmed and directed by David Chavannes.

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Choreography by Katie Baillie, film by Garrett Gibbons.

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Magnetic Dance

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The Kidnap

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Northern Soul films

I know of two films based around the Northern Soul movement of northern England from the early 70s (which continues today).

“Soulboy” (2010) is an independent, feature-length drama film based around the culture and history of Northern Soul, featuring a fair amount of dancing. Here’s the trailer:

“Young Souls” is a short film that’s been making its rounds on the festival circuit. I first saw it at SIFF‘s dance film program in 2012.

Unfortunately, neither is widely available. “Young Souls” is only available in a difficult-to-watch 360p format, and “Soulboy” has very limited distribution. I had to order a Blu-ray from Germany, since it doesn’t seem to have had a Blu-ray release even in England, where it was made.

If anyone else has any links to well-produced Northern Soul films, we’d love to hear about it!

-Garrett Gibbons

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“Immersion” by Subhash Viman Gorania

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“Choros” by Michael Langan & Terah Maher

Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.

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Nihilist reading of “Once There Was a Snowman”

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“Moverz” trailer – Krump in Seattle

Demolition Crew North brings the Krump to Seattle!

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Power (dust dance)

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Me Against Myself

The spirit of a Bboy.

Red: style
Blue: power
Black: best of both

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Light as a feather (Acro in Seattle)

Acro by Megan Strawn and Brandon Gatlin. Film by Garrett Gibbons.

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