Run Away – Ballroom Rumba short film

For production notes, see the director’s blog post here.

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Capoeira + Visual FX

Capoeira by Utah Valley Capoeira, film by Garrett Gibbons.

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Waltz on the side of a city building

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“Become One” – Visual FX and dance

This isn’t the first combination of awesome visual effects and dance, but it’s a good one!

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“Moses Supposes”

A Japanese animated ghost dances with Gene Kelly and Don O’Connor’s voices and shoes.

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“Love Unbroken”


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Tango in Reverse

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“Roxanne” – Ballroom Tango

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“Why Trust Is Worth It”

Sequence by two members of Cirque Du Soleil.

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Extreme Street Tap Philly

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Livin’ on a Prayer

This man appears on the jumbotron and instantly understands his purpose in life.

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Campfire Vaudeville

Here’s Campfire Vaudeville an storytelling-based set of music and dance pieces, choreographed by (and starring) Galen Hooks and Melinda Sullivan. Directed by Charles Oliver, produced by Telos Films, edited by Garrett Gibbons.

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