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Midnight Workmans

It’s JRock (from the LXD) and Poppin’ Pete, making films in Moscow. Rock!

“The Recluse”

Eye of the Panda

Bboys, mafia, tight choreography, old-time charm, humor. We need more like this!

Ballet + Krump in 360 degrees

The Red Door

Don’t Show Off!

Some talented dancers and filmmakers in Italy made this excellent short film about having the right motives.

Be Individual!

These guys in Germany are blowing me away.

This isn’t so different from Fred Astaire dancing on a slanted cruise ship floor or Gene Kelly dancing in the rain. Why aren’t other styles of dance making media that’s this inventive and engaging? Todays Fred Astaires are bboys.

Hamsters vs Robots: The Dance-off

Robot dance battle in the junkyard

Seriously, if you haven’t tuned into The LXD yet, you need to.


This group is amazing. Some of these dancers may be familiar to you if you’re connected to the urban dance scene in Los Angeles. This is epic!

Their more recent performance:

Spiritual Tutting

Two top tiny tot bboys

I don’t know why anyone would make a commercial with the two top tiny tot bboys and only have one of them dance, but whatever. It’s still sick.

American Apparel – Directed By Tony Kelly from Milton Adamou on Vimeo.