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“Moses Supposes”

A Japanese animated ghost dances with Gene Kelly and Don O’Connor’s voices and shoes.

Extreme Street Tap Philly

Campfire Vaudeville

Here’s Campfire Vaudeville an storytelling-based set of music and dance pieces, choreographed by (and starring) Galen Hooks and Melinda Sullivan. Directed by Charles Oliver, produced by Telos Films, edited by Garrett Gibbons.

We No Speak Americano (Hand dance version)

This is one of my favorite things ever. Is it tap? Is it clogging? Does it matter?

A brief interview with the dancers can be watched here.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers does tap too!

I love The LXD. Great dancing in lots of styles, used as a vehicle to tell an engaging story. I post this episode because of the fantastic tap during the first part of this episode.

Check out the entire series on Hulu or follow them on Facebook!

Tap Dance for Life

Ryan Kasprzak wowed Adam Shankman and the rest of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance? during Season 5, despite not being selected for the top 20 competition with his brother Evan. Ryan is a brilliant choreographer and performer and he focused his talents into this fund-raising piece for DRA Dance.