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Robot dance battle in the junkyard

Seriously, if you haven’t tuned into The LXD yet, you need to.

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I Lost My Love in the Wind

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This group is amazing. Some of these dancers may be familiar to you if you’re connected to the urban dance scene in Los Angeles. This is epic! Their more recent performance: powered by

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Argentine Tango at its best

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Contemporary in a field

Dancing by Krista Treu Derington, music by Colby Miller, directed by Garrett Wesley Gibbons.

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Spiritual Tutting

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Two top tiny tot bboys

I don’t know why anyone would make a commercial with the two top tiny tot bboys and only have one of them dance, but whatever. It’s still sick. American Apparel – Directed By Tony Kelly from Milton Adamou on Vimeo.

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Rumba by the best

Arguably the best latin dancers alive, this simple and beautiful Rumba is the best of the best. No flash, nothing fake, just movement.

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Flying in the dark

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Double Dose of Cloud Campos

Bboy Daniel “Cloud” Campos, the Illster in The LXD series, brings two videos: one from the outside looking in and the other from the inside looking out. Sofia Boutella & Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos from Demón home video on Vimeo.

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Flamenco in the Classroom

A very cool short demo of a class of higher-level flamenco students in Cádiz, Spain.

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Foxtrot in an awkward daydream

An oldie but goodie, recently recut by director Garrett Gibbons. “Nurse Gave Me Fever” (Director’s Cut) from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

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