Monthly Archives: May 2011

Flying in the dark

Double Dose of Cloud Campos

Bboy Daniel “Cloud” Campos, the Illster in The LXD series, brings two videos: one from the outside looking in and the other from the inside looking out.

Sofia Boutella & Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos from Demón home video on Vimeo.

Flamenco in the Classroom

A very cool short demo of a class of higher-level flamenco students in Cádiz, Spain.

Foxtrot in an awkward daydream

An oldie but goodie, recently recut by director Garrett Gibbons.

“Nurse Gave Me Fever” (Director’s Cut) from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

Joffrey Ballet Promo

The Joffret ballet in Chicago has some of the best dancers in the world, and this promo shows it so well, characterizing each dancer beautifully. What talent and what personality!