Monthly Archives: April 2011

Tahitian Fire Dance done right

My friend Devin Graham also shares a passion for dance, and beautifully captured the drama, mystery, energy and danger of Tahitian fire dance.

Rooftop Dance Therapy Session

This is the type of piece that Dance Short Films is based around: dance, well-filmed, that tells a story. This therapy session on an urban rooftop was choreographed by Marc Kimelman and directed by Dante Russo.


  • Ashley Adamek
  • Sheena DiMatteo
  • Vashty Mompoint
  • CJ Tyson
  • Michael McArthur

Additional credits include Nick Hartanto (Directory of Photography/Gaffer), Marjorie LeWit (Editor), Josh Schulteis (Stylist/Wardrobe) and Matthew Makar (Location/Set).

Bboys telling stories

Garrett Gibbons directed this music video for Theoretics in Seattle, and used bboys (breakdancers) to tell the stories of three individuals from various walks of life who break through barriers, evolve and ascend. Dance is the metaphor to show this transformation, and dancers Jessica Hu, Brian Ung and Mikeskee Huang performed excellently.