“Two Paths” (A Dance Short Films original)

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“Exhale” – Freestyle in NYC

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“Unsteady” (A Dance Short Films original)

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Dreaming on the Subway

“Dream Girl”

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Resting Places: A Ballet Film

When we stop believing in our dreams, we die. Atlanta Ballet dancers Nadia Mara and Heath Gill star in this ballet film about a successful businesswoman who has forsaken her childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer.

Choreography by Tara Lee, also of Atlanta Ballet. Directed, written, and produced by Adam E. Stone. Cinematography and editing by Jason Greene. Music composed by Varvara Gaigerova and performed by Eliesha Nelson, with Glen Inanga (courtesy of Sono Luminus). Also featuring Chelsea Stone, Will Heisner, and Veronica Francis. Filmed at Snider Hill Cemetery, Carbondale, Illinois, on July 11, 2015.

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On The Line

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“Home to Her”

Our latest Dance Short Films original, “Home to Her,” choreographed by Jevohn Gentry, starring Jevohn Gentry and Caroline DeFranco.

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James Bay – “Forever” in a bookstore

Contemporary dance in a bookstore, directed by Tim Milgram, featuring dancer Renee Kester.

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“Classic” by Pacific Ballroom Dance

Behind-the-scenes info here.
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James Bay – Let it Go

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